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Berlin Cosmopolis Promo: More From Rob & David Cronenberg

Prosieben: Rob talks about what he has in common with Eric Packer, and why he may end up in therapy... lol.

Sat 1 - translation via

I've just seen your movie.
Rob: Did you like it?
It's really crazy.
Rob: It's pretty weird. It's pretty out there.
It's definitely no teenage movie.
Rob: Yeah no. Unless you are a really clever teenager or really interested in big limousines.

In the movie there are many nude scenes. You have much sex with many different women. How was that?
 It's strange. Half of the sex scenes were not planned to be sex scenes. They should take place after the sex. The script said: "They just had sex", but David said on the day: "You have sex now". All my preparations, all the work and the huge dialogue scenes that I've thought about, I could throw away.

Has you girlfriend Kristen seen the movie?
 Yeah, yeah.

How did you prepare her for all these scenes with all these different women?
 The only problem is, when the movie isn't good. And then there is the question: "Why are you doing this? Why are you playing so many sex scenes in such a bad movie? If it's interesting and believable, then everything is okay."

When did you decide to make your relationship official?
 To be honest I don't talk about my relationship. Simply because I never do. Since I started doing interviews. No... simply no.

Spiesser: Rob is asked what he would do if he were a billionaire.  (Us: talk to Larry Ellison Rob, he'll give you some pointers).

Full interview with more cute answers

1. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
2. Do you prefer playing a supernatural being or a human?
3. How do you deal with the fact that the role of Edward Cullen will likely stick around during your acting career?
4. What do you hate most about your celeb status?
5. How does it feel for you to be on the red carpet and be cheered on by so many people?
6. Out of the actors you worked with so far who inspired you the most?
7. What movies have inspired you most? More the classics or the big Hollywood blockbusters?
8. How do you manage to just always look so relaxed and cute and styled and tousled at the same time? (verschtrubbelt means more hobo looking lol)
9. Robert Pattinson asks back, "What do you think the movie version of "Cosmopolis"?

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Tip Berlin: David Cronenberg mentions Rob, fans, and much more.

Filmstarts: Rob talks seeing Cosmopolis as a "character study" and more. Watch at the source or below. 

Movie Pilot:  Rob talks about his Cosmopolis character (starts at about :50) and Twilight, David Cronenberg mentions why Rob's charm and charisma won him over.

In this longer version of the above interview Rob mentions Mission: Blacklist (at about 2:15).

While looking for a voice for Eric, Rob did some research on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. 

West Art magazine (dubbed but you can hear Rob) - watch on their site at about 1:50 or below.


At 1:22 and 2:05.

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