Sunday, April 3, 2011

WFE Press Junket: Rob Talks To The Press!

MTV - Rob talks about the Breaking Dawn leaked material. He is not happy about it. And he has a request for fans. Watch that and the rest of the clips (and there are several more) at MTV. Or below.

The Insider - read/watch the interview at the site or watch below. Reese talks about doing the "love scene" with a very sick Rob.

ET (preview) - Rob & Reese talk WFE love scenes, more. Click to watch.

PopSugar - Rob talks about becoming Jacob in Water for Elephants, taking risks for romance, and his feelings about the Breaking Dawn leaked pictures.

Jake The Movie Guy Talks To Rob, Reese, and Christoph. Click on image to watch.

Fox All Access (Talks Twilight)  Click to watch or read the preview.

ET Canada (preview) Rob talks about the baby giraffe. Click to watch.

A few other interviews you may want to catch.. Access Hollywood's watch here. And don't miss the Golden Globes one with Rob and Tai.


  1. Leaked?! Who would do that?! On a side note, he is simply adorable.