Friday, April 22, 2011

Bloggers, Costars, Fans, Rally In Support Of 'WFE'

We've already given you a quick wrap, on why getting a big opening for Water for Elephants is so important for Rob. So it was nice to see everyone spreading the word to get out and watch it this weekend.

Socialite Life highlighted the reasons why Water for Elephants needed to win at the box office, while MTV had a cheat sheet for those not so familiar with the book.

SheKnows had a top 10 list of why Rob is perfect for Water for Elephants, and EOnline, went the way of the Magic 8 ball to get some answers on whether Rob is truly a leading man.. very cute read.

Cinema Blend highlights the 8 big differences between book and movie, while Vanity Fair had 25 urgent Water for Elephants questions answered.

And even costars and friends rallied in behalf of Rob and Reese..

With Fox doing an amazing job at promoting the film, we can only hope people turn out to see it this key weekend.

We can only follow by example, and hope you do the same. If only, because of this..

Photo: Celebuzz/source

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