Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'WFE' Wrap: Quick Bits You Might Have Missed

We have so much going on in the blog regarding Water for Elephants, we're putting together a quick roundup of a few more stories of the day that we don't want you to miss.. beginning with DVD commentary news.

Director Francis Lawrence (Hibbits) gave us that update Wednesday, we hope we also get to hear from Rob.

*In a new interview Christoph Waltz mentions Rob, and why his "magnetism" in Water for Elephants will show his range as an actor:

Q: For the people who only know Robert Pattinson from the Twilight saga, tell me what he brings to the table as an actor.

A: The Twilight films don't really show the full range of what I believe he is capable of. They are very stylized, and he's kind of hidden behind this pale makeup and contacts. I think people are going to be surprised when they see him in this movie -- how much more naturalistic he can be and how nuanced his performance is. I just think he is a very natural performer, and I think he has a real magnetism, which is very important for a star. It's interesting. I cast him because I found him to be a lot like Jacob. There is a purity, a strength, and a humility to him, and I think all of those qualities come across very nicely.

Q: Were you able to screen-test him with Reese Witherspoon?

A: No. And that's the big, scary thing when you are doing a love story. You hope for that chemistry. It was a gamble, but we saw in rehearsals that it was going to work.

Read the rest at Filmcritic.com

*The LA Times takes a look at why Fox is going "dark" with Water for Elephants. A definitive must read.

*BoxOffice.com takes a look at the weekend opening numbers for Water for Elephants and breaks down some interesting online research:

Fandango is reporting that Water for Elephants accounts for 10% of daily sales. That impressive figure could jump even higher tomorrow as more couples plan for the weekend.

Read more, including how much the film is expected to make on opening weekend at BoxOffice.com.

As to why Fox chose Easter weekend to open the film, we get the answer in a new article by PressofAtlantic.com.

Though its Easter weekend release date hasn't traditionally been strong for such films, Bruce Snyder, 20th Century Fox's head of distribution, said the spring date was simply intended to fill a void in the marketplace, noting there has been little in theaters for women since Christmas. "The timing seemed perfect, and the picture was ready," Snyder said.

CBS News says it will be Rob's big break.

More to come!

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