Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hotness In The Caribbean: Rob's Shirtless Reshoots!

You can read details about the shoot and see some pictures of the beach at Hollywood Life.

Here's a bit of info on the April 22nd shoot:

Robert Pattinson and real-life love Kristen Stewart mark the end of the hugely successful Twilight franchise, shooting the sexy last scenes of the sagas final movie, Breaking Dawn, in the Caribbean. Under cover of darkness, the couple spent nearly three hours in the sea in a secluded cove, shooting hotly-anticipated love scenes between their characters, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. Stewart showed off her slender frame in a lime green bikini, curiously unfastened at the back, as she strolled down the beach on St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands, before joining Pattinson in the sea. Armed police patrolled the beach, while a police launch bobbed about in the sea, trying to ensure no one would get a glimpse of the filming, which went on until almost 5am.


  1. I'm sure the green bikini was so it would not show with the CGI filming. Probably the first love scene where they are suppost to be nude!

  2. all that security and yet...there are still leaked pictures.

  3. LoL .. I know right ! These Paps are die hards I tell you.

  4. or Summit have purposely "leaked" the pics as all they hype will start again soon as we are just over 6 months out now. in saying that...bring on all the pics. I love it. and Kristen's bikini is like that as they are both meant to be naked in the water with their first swim together on their honeymoon night after they arrive at Isle Esme....bring it on!!!!

  5. "real-life" love ?
    Says who?