Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donna Scott: "Any Scene With Rob Is An Infamous Scene"

Donna Scott talked to TheFABLife about working with Rob on Water for Elephants and why it was a blast.

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Donna also talked to OK! about her set experience, and the fans that camped out overnight for Rob:

“I would leave work at four, five, six in the morning after working all night, and the fans would be lined up in the ditch, these women, young ladies with signs: ‘Rob, Rob, Rob,’ and they were out there all night long,” Donna tells OK!. “So to have that kind of a following and still be very grounded and kind and gracious is really something to be said for him as a human being.”

So what about that steamy scene she shares with Rob in Water for Elephants? - read all the details at OK! 

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