Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unedited Version of 'WFE' Interview With Rob

Kevin McCarthy got a chance to interview Rob during the Water for Elephants press junket. He's shared the unedited version of his interview with fans. Let him know what you think at bdkreviews.

Awesome job Kevin! - We'll always remember you as the interviewer that inspired this adorable fan's moment with Rob..


  1. this interviewer says the film is good but i just read the film review by canadian press titled "Witherspoon, Pattinson's 'Water for Elephants' is a three-ring bore" i guess the film is terrible, and another review by some german reviewer who said pattinson ruins already boring film, so i don't expect much from it

  2. whatever anani!!!!! I have read the book and from what I have seen of this movie it is going to be beautiful....if everyone expects Edward Cullen then of course they will be disappointed. I just hope all of Rob's so called fans really support this amazing movie. Remember Me did not get the support that his fan base should have given it and it was a great heartfelt movie. I much prefer Rob in RM than in Twilight and I am an obsessed Twimum....Rob is an amazing actor and I hope people allow him to shine in this and don't judge him because he played Edward Cullen!!