Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rob, Reese, And THAT 'Water For Elephants' Scene :)

Can we say how much we love this book?.. The fact that we have been watching it come to life in pictures and descriptions from the director and extras only makes us want to see its adaptation come to the big screen even more. Here are the latest pictures from the Water For Elephants set which is about to wrap production soon.

Check out the rest! and a few more  (spoilers) - We're reading the book again.. 

We've also added a few more HQ pics from that night below. See them all here

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  1. anybody know if they will remake the book with a pic of him on the cover?? could sell lots! i read the book and loved it! wanna add it to my collection but would want it wayy more with his beautiful face on the cover. please let me know if they are...