Monday, July 5, 2010

Rob and Kristen Make Surprise Appearance At LA 'Eclipse' Screening

Full message from Rob and Kristen to fans at screening

Best quality video (Thanks to @AmyTeng)

Good quality video

First pic via @TwiCougar_

Great pics via @JenniferKlobus

More via RPLife

Thanks to @SharonMacross for these next ones

First video thanks to @thee_mrs_cullen :) 

Few more videos


  1. Lucky bastards. Its always Hollywood, it cant ever be some small town in Iowa.

  2. Because no one cares about a small town in flyover country! LOL!!!

  3. Not bad wages for a one minute walk through... Too bad Rob's got to be ready for work at 5:00 a.m. Now that would definitely be a hard commute from Iowa.

  4. Love them both!

  5. i love the way rob smile and look @ kristen.so cute!!i love them both!!esp rob lol!

  6. They should come to london to do a screening :(
    We get it last and Kristen, Taylor and, most importantly, Rob didn't come to our premiere...
    Bad times!

  7. Robert and Kristen are such a powerful couple that we will have to see them together in more films to come... they are a modern version of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton; so beautiful, mysterious and oddly complementary. The public loves them; Twilight fans or not!