Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rob Talks About Costars, Nickname, Things He Wishes He Could Do

Rob talked to the San Francisco Chronicle recently, and he had plenty to say about his life right now:

"I wish I weren't so paranoid about things. I'm always certain that the main thing about young actors' careers now is being overexposed because people just seem to want to do it so much - [hard American accent] 'Just stick his face on this piece of crap' - I wish I could avoid that, get it out of my brain. But when you're working you can't do anything anyway; I go straight to bed. I wish I could go to the cinema more often. As soon as people know you're in the cinema, there's this horrible energy - no one's concentrating on the movie. That's the biggest downside. And not being able to be incredibly drunk in public."

Rob also shares details on the actors he worked with in Water for Elephants. Read the entire article at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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  1. Poor bugger, must be awful.....to live in those shoes! I mean he's doing a job and yes he does it really well but that should be it, appreciate him for that but hey let the guy turn off from that job.....imagine doing your job 24/7 and never being able to turn off and just be real!!! I take my hat off to them cause I couldnt do it! Hope it gets easier for them all!