Friday, April 1, 2011

Polish-Speaking, Defiant & Charming: Jacob Covers It All!

Fox has just released eight clips from Water for Elephants, and there's plenty of Jacob to go around! (screencaps galore here).

Watch on YouTube (in HD).

We also heard from Shaun Robinson who has interviewed Rob many times (and has this hair tradition going with him now). She had great things to say about the film and Rob.

She later shared this picture and caption..

Access Hollywood teased they would have a new interview with Rob Monday, and  our guess is Shaun has confirmed she is chatting with him this weekend. Send her your questions at @shaunssanctuary.

Don't think we're forgetting about Marlena! - Trailer Addict just posted several clips from the electronic press kit sent out to the media, and Reese has plenty of Water for Elephants scoop to share. She talks Rob at about 3:30.

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to Collider for posting the movie clips so quickly. :)

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