Monday, April 11, 2011

Future Plans, The End Of Twilight, Puppy Love

The Manila Bulletin was among the media outlets that got a chance to talk to Rob during the Water for Elephants press junket a few weeks ago:

“It’s definitely a totally different experience being on a set where there are a lot of animals,” he revealed. “There’s a calm that it creates. People are a lot happier. Nobody was complaining about anything every single day. I guess it provides a perspective on what you’re doing when you see an elephant that is just kind of content with pretty much anything if you give him some food. I treat animals in many ways the same as I treat people. I’ve met a bunch of new people on the job. God, that sounds like I’m completely insane.”

Read the complete article including Rob's plans for the future, and why he'd chose to be a dog if he were an animal, at the Manila Bulletin.

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