Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rob Interviewed On His Birthday: Talks Elephant Training, Fan Mail, Music, & More!

Germany's Glamour magazine got a chance to talk to Rob on his birthday. And the following is the translated version thanks to Noldorelf via RPLife. Scans by littlemonalisa. It's a MUST READ! 


Robert Pattinson, 24, likes to spend his day in bed rather than attending an interview. However he made an exception for us.

It was a non-recurring chance! Over 250 readers sent us questions online they'd like us to ask our Onscreen-Vampire Robert Pattinson. Then again we are sorry to say: marriage proposal couldn’t be transferred during that 18 minutes and 4 seconds.

„No personal questions!“ Robert Pattinson‘s agent announced in a kind of harsh american english way and was about to connect us with Robert Pattinson by phone. 80% oft the questions on the list were more or less of a personal nature, sent in advance by the (female) readers. I tried to calm down the lady on the phone, anyway. The vivid disputed relationship with Pattinson's „Twilight“ –partner Kirsten Stewart really did not met the interest of our readers that much. Yet his work did including the third part oft he crazy succesful Vampire Saga ‘Eclipse‘. It’ll premiere July 15th in Germany. Two months in advance like it should be with all that Twilight Hype the start of ticket sales and our interview were on the on the same day, on Robert Pattinsons birthday.

The rather hesitant „Hello…?“ on the other end of he line was a slight hint somebody probably did some partying the night before or might be actually shy.

Hi Robert! Happy Birthday! We hope not to bother you too much today..
„Oh, thanks very much“, laughs a bit nervously. „No you don’t, I’m sitting in the car right now on my way for to the elephant training.“

Elephant Training?
"I have to learn how to teach them tricks – for the next movie 'Water For Elephants'. Die-hard Pattinson-Fans know the actor is preparing for the character as a student of veterinary medicine who joins a travelling circus. That‘s why he has little time for Q&A: Before that he completed the period drama ‚Bel Ami‘ and there’s also coming up a Western with Hugh Jackman and the last Part of Twilight.

How do you make decisions for a new project?
"That‘s a matter of luck. Reading most of the scripts I know after 15 pages where a plot is going to. It simply has to feel differently. How the dialogues are written – these are indications of quality to me."

Our readers would like to know what the biggest challenge was for during a movie so far.
In 'Eclipse' there was a scene I as the telepathic vampire had to keep track with a battle reading the thoughts of 40 persons at the same time making really strange expressions with my face, so you see…“ And there was one of those moments you really hate intervieweing by phone, the following words were sad to say incomprehensible because oft he noise.

Hello? Hello? Are you still on?
The agent joined into the conversation: „ Sorry there was a disconnection. Ah, Robert is calling back now“

Hello again? Can you hear me now?

Good. I’d like to continue with the questions of our readers. You are interested in music. Will you make an album sometime.
Eerrhm yes I think I do. I wrote a lot songs but have to find the time for all that. Movie and music I cannot do both.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
Billy Ocean's Greatest Hits but that was a tape at that time.

Do you have a favorite song?
Beside You‘ by Van Morrison“ Kristen Stewart was doting about that particular poignant song in an interview recently, by the way.

What kind of people influence you?
Van Morrison by any means. And…mmh.. Who else? Jean-Luc Goddard the director. A caucasian Blues musician and the most influential filmmaker of the 60s? Actually not something one would expect by an Blockbuster Hero.

Are you a little relieved by the fact that the finale of Twilight is within sight?
I got mixed feelings about that. Lately I had to do some re-shoots for Eclipse, I noticed how much I got used to Edward. It‘ll be weird. All of my colleagues are really close to me. As a matter of fact this a crucial part of my life. Until the whole Hype is over that‘ll take certainly at least two years.

Is there something irritating about the role?
What’s coming aling with it. The Make-up bugs me. You feel trapped under all that cover up.

By the way one of our readers wants to know how much time you spend in the bath in the morning
That depends what I did the night before.

Okay when you were partying that is?
Sometimes I have to spend the whole day there.

How does a good day look like in your life?
It doesn’t start befor 10am in any case. Usually I like every day which gives you the feeling to achieved something. Days to remember are good days.

Do you recall a particular crazy moment with the fans?
I think the most freaky experience was in Germany during the promotion tour for New Moon last November. Extremly funny: At the Olympia Hall in Munich. 30 000 people deafening screaming Chris Weitz our director, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stwert and I had nothing to do but standing there waving.

Are you replying you fan mail by yourself?
I’ll try, yes. When I’m at home in L.A. or staying with my parents in London. Taking some time get on of thoses boxes, which stand over a year at the agency. So if somebody gets an answer by me it’ll be rather late. I do keep all of these letters but I cannot answer more than 40 in a row.

One reader asks for you favorite dish.
I don’t eat Desserts. Never like them very much.

You do like Ray-Ban-Wayfare Shades as one can see on the Paparazzis pictures. How many do you own?
There was a time I wore my mom‘s Wayfarer shades. When the people from Ray-Ban noticed they sent my a whole box two and half years ago. They have all gone by now, disappeared during travelling, a lot of them stolen and the others I lost. There a just two pairs left.

What is most annoying question you have been asked?
Uuh- I don’t know yet. I have not heard one today I would recall otherwise.

I am really glad
Still I have one: Do you believe Vampires exist?

What about true love at any rate?
Yes, I believe that is definitely possible.

Are you happy with you current life? Do you wish it to continue like that for the next decade?
Mmh, yeah, pauses for a moment I am, yes I am definitely happy. Things change with every situation in life. Some of them are much clearer to me now than a few years ago which I am very glad about.

The best and worst aspect about beeing famous?
The best there is I have lot of work I can do. I have control about what to do and I don’t have to accept everything I am offered. The worst aspect is you get paranoid meeting new people. You never know their true intentions.

Have you made bad experiences with that?
No actually I have not. I’ve always been really careful. I was never the accessible type. One has to be on one’s guard.

Right on cue the distinctive voice of the agent intervenes: „Last question!“ Last question right now, indeed.

Okay. What three things you like wo do in your life?
Definitely make an album, direct a movie and start a religion.

How would that (religion) be like?
How it would look like…that I don't have to pay taxes ever again.

We wish you all the best for that and have a happy birthday!
Thanks I will have that.


  1. I would convert to his religion. That is a great interview. I would have never guess Billy Ocean for him...LOL>

  2. I'll sign up to be a priestess in the Church of Rob!!!

  3. I wonder who the Caucasian blues musician is... could it be Van Morrison,,, the translation is confusing, although I like the interview... some original questions.