Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Interview: Rob Talks His Hacked Facebook & CNN Covering His Haircut

Australia's Sunday Telegraph, was among the media outlets that got a chance to talk to Rob during the Eclipse press junket. The interview is full of quirky and genuine answers from Rob, but this is the question that caught our attention:  A) because we think he's been interviewed by more than one Twifan, they are just afraid to admit it to him, B) because we wonder how we would react if we got to interview him..
"Have you ever done an interview with a journalist who was a crazed Twilight fan?" I blurted.

"I think I've had one," he muses. "She was from Vietnam and she was having a full-on panic attack in the interview, which was quite funny."

Read the rest over at their site including who Rob sends a shoutout to in Australia, his hacked Facebook account, and what he thinks about his haircut news ending up on CNN.


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  2. I am already in love with him and reading this just made me fall even more in love!

  3. AHHHH Robbbbb i <3 uu sooo muchhh

    Im like soo team edward n yh i heard bout ur email n the brekin dawn pics ill get em for ya loveeee uu robert <3 Cant wait tilll you come back to comi con ahh my whole ROOM if full of ur stuff i like have picture which i took wiv u ahh I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON :D