Monday, June 28, 2010

Rob Talks About His Experience While Filming 'Bel Ami' 'In Hungary

The translated details thanks to @alexandra1116 and @jitzzpattzing:  
He was asked what he remembers most about it, and he came up with the one night where they filmed in a pretty bad area, said that he didn't even feel like he was in Europe anymore and implied that he believed all the fans on set didn't even know who he was, they just realised he was famous and were just gunning for an autograph that they could sell later.

He talked about shooting in part of Budapest that was poor and like Harlem and people didn't know who he was but realized his signature was prob worth something so brought out everything for him to sign. then he said that filming budapest he felt the most foreign experience he ever had. that they had a diff mindset there and it didn't even really feel like Europe but that he 'really liked it'.

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