Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rob On The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Watch Rob now! if you can't see videos below click on the article's title, you should see them then.

Emma Roberts was also a guest on the show and she tweeted this after meeting Rob:

"Rob is so nice! Was slightly disappointed his skin wasnt glittering &the song Wild Thing didn't start when he shook my hand"

Rob's parents also stopped to say hi, take pics, and sign autographs for fans.

More stills from the show!


show details after the cut


The suit was smokin. Seriously. GQ Rob suit. Prepare yourself.

 Saw dean, called to him, he smiled and chuckled at us.

 Gonna try for a picture of him leaving.

 Rob said another funny anecdote abt his dad telling him the car needs a mechanic after it caught fire

 Him pulling out his iPhone and reading his dads emails died me. But really it all did. I'm really a ghost

He told Rob that twilight seemed like Jaws and Superman.

 Rob's dads fav movie is jaws and he compares all things to that.

Showed Bella hops on the motorcycle clip

Hands casually in the pockets, legs crossed, long and lean in the skinny grey pants. YUM

He stayed the whole time and had the most dashing stance when he listened to the music.

Rob read 2 emails from his dad. His parents were in the audience

The email readings were beyond sweet. Always started as "Dear Rob..."


#leno Rob talked about nude scenes and wearing a lil robe to set #littleashes

Not once! #leno RT @robstenangel: @mandysmind did they mention Kristen?

On #leno rob & emma seemed super awkward.... No wonder she's team jacob - she's dating Kstews ex & is on the show with oregeno's current ;)

 Rob was driving his car&the dashboard set on fire so he asked his dad if he should take it to the mechanic lol #leno

Rob talked about sweet emails from his dad, being naked on set, driving a car on fire... So hot! #leno @TwilightLexicon @RobPattzNews

 Rob said: "my dad loves Jaws & when he read Twilight script he said it was a cross btwn jaws&superman&sounded good" #leno

#leno robs parents were there & looked so proud!!! But also ebarassed when rob read emails&talked about them haha

Yup! #leno RT @Katspicier: Ps WTF Emma Roberts?? Snubbing rob on stage was career suicide..

#leno he had a suit & sexy hair emma roberts said she's team jacob & rob said she obviously has bad taste (double meaning? Angarano)awkward
 Robs dad sends formal letters, most recently about'gestures'such as a kiss on the hand. Also suggested a gesture which Rob does for us #leno

Rob talked about sweet emails from his dad, being naked on set, driving a car on fire... So hot! #leno


Rob just faked everyone out & went out the other way with his bodyguard lol. His parents are chatting & taking photos with fans.

LAPD is here to control the crowd. http://twitpic.com/1x4cg5

The crowd waiting for Rob to come out. http://twitpic.com/1x4c77

We did see Rob bobbing his head during commercial break while the band played Green Light by John Legend.

@robstenangel He looked for his parents in the audience so they showed them on camera.

Rob wore a grey (or brown..cant figure out w/lighting) suit with a black skinny tie. So hot!

Rob read two emails from his dad. Very sweet. One about kissing a girls hand gently.

Photos: Heart_Kaos @tinkrbe1l3 stills Everglow via RPLife. Videos via Thinking Of Rob TwiBritneyFan


  1. I love his family.

  2. Love! Can't wait to see it!

  3. How awkward to be on the same show with Aragano's new g/f when he's snogging A's old g/f...........that had to be strange. Rob is getting so much better at handling those kinds of sticky situations, however, he's really matured a lot before our very eyes.

  4. LOVE! I am in LOVE with this man! I can't wait for this interview.

  5. Didn't realize his family has come over already. The premier isn't for another 2 weeks. Looks like Rob is making an effort now on talk shows with the anecdotes and dressing up.

  6. why Angarano CAME TO THE SHOW?. HE KNEW Robert would be there.Kind of provocation?

  7. What a great interview... I loved his father's emails. It's sad to see a young actress bite the dust like that... what was her problem? She came on so rude to him but it was good to see him fight back with the comment on her lack of taste.

  8. He was so awesome tonight. Even with Emma going native like that - he tried to diffuse with a hilarious joke, then even stayed seated to keep the audience's attention who tuned in for him on her - even after she snidely said 'do we have to sit next to each other for the next minutes' in front of his parents no less. She's twisted and that has nothing to do with Team whoever, tonight was a HUGE exposure opportunity for her to ruin by bringing the snots. Yikes. She even got haughty up on stage after Mraz played - wtf? I even fully expect that Robert and/or perhaps Kristen will be gracious and say something publicly nice about her to help out the backlash and save her imploding Scream 6 career arse. I'd never heard of her before tonight and don't wish to again. Yuck.

  9. omg! lmao! emma's twitter doesn't exist anymore!! poor her!! lol! learn your lesson emma!

  10. I seriously don't understand what Emma did wrong....she was just joking. I think people are trying to read too much into the whole Emma Roberts/Michael Angarano/Rob thing. I have re watched the videos and I still don't get what everyone is so worried about. It was meant to be a joke

  11. Yeah Emma just made a JOKE but unfortunately classless joke or smartless joke or cheesy joke or wtf joke


  12. Rob's fans are so outrageous and ridiculous for attacking her. First, Emma are not with Michael Oregano, they did the movie "Homework" together. She has a boyfriend, who is in college. Second, she obviously supports and says Team Jacob because she and Taylor worked together in "Valentine's Day". I think Rob's comment is pretty rude. He might not be intentional, but it did come out wrong, very wrong. His interview is great except for his comment about Emma.

  13. Rob comment?? aha that is a JOKE

  14. I can't believe his fans think Emma was rude for saying team Jacob. Are you too crazy and obsessed to think right? Emma and Taylor were in the same movie "Valentine's day", so there is no surprise that she is supporting Team Jacob. It's Rob's comment was RUDE. I understand that he was joking, but his joke was wrong, inappropriate and did sound rude
    for s/o that he just met the first time.

    I like Rob, but I have to admit his fans are absurd, rude and vulgar sometimes. I don't think it's good for his image and his career in the long run. They should know that many other actors and people will watch this interview, and they don't have the same opinion as you think about him because they are not obsessed with him. People make mistake sometimes. It's not an intentional mistake. It will much more better if his fans just said "It's a joke, he didn't mean it" than attacking Emma.

  15. love Rob's intervew...AMAZING! as for Emma she's rude not because of Team Failcob...her comments about Rob's hair and "do we have to sit together for the next few minutes?" were RUDE!

  16. So sad to read some comments that are based on how proud they feel that Emma had to erase her twitter account because of the joking moment Rob and her shared on Leno. As a fact, you should also learn two people working together in a film does not mean that they are dating: Emma is not dating Michael, so stop saying she was "rude" to Rob because of anything personal.

    Aside from this kid of stupid behavior the Twilight fans, now I will focus on Rob and his interview and comment how cute he was, his father seems to be a very lovely man, no wonder Rob has the kind of upbringing he shows.

  17. I honestly don't think ppl care whether she was Team Jacob or Team Edward... It was her snotty attitude that they are talking about and I didn't find anything wrong w Rob's comment obviously it was a joke Rob is not like these full of S*** actors out there... And maybe some fans take it to extreme but I don't think that affects Rob's personality nor his career..;) and btw those who don't know her she's Julia Roberts niece...

  18. poor EMMA definitely a career suicide, lets face it ROB is kinda huge embarassing him like that would really send huge rages from the millions of fans, at least she could have said it in a nice way instead it came out bad... just poor choice of words.. come on guys go easy on her at least give her a chance to redeem herself

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