Monday, June 14, 2010

Rob & Cast On Jimmy Kimmel - Tweets, Pics, Details

NOTE: We will keep updating this post as we get more info and pics. So keep checking back! Show airs June 23rd! 

Rob being Rob, and signing for his fans

Rob talks about his stoli shirt

Rob answers question from fan

HQ Pics + dozens more at RPLife

MQ Pics

Fan pics

Rob arriving at taping

Look at the stage

Cast surprising the audience at the special Eclipse screening


@gittsy: Tay & Krist saying they swam with sharks. Rob just asked of vamps can swim?

@gittsy: Kimmel showing them action figs lol kris & tay talking about doing kareoki

@gittsy: Rob making fun of Tay for saying "party!" Kris saying they're gonna choreograph a dance

@caclb #jimmykimmel says "you guys r all literally on top of each other all the time. well not literally"

@caclb: #jimmykimmel Kristen and Taylor sang karaoke in s Korea! The climb and party in the USA! So she IS a #miley fan!!!

@PurpleBrina17: Rob is wearing a dark suit with a white shirt under it! Kstew is in a purple skintight dress black heels! Taylor is in dark suit! #JimmyKimmel

@gittsy: Tay talking about spandex suit. Intimate petting scene. K has a pet, says it was weird to make scene

@caclb: Rob: the wolves weren't allowed to have genitalia

@gittsy: Jimmy interrupting eclipse screening to show r, k, t on screen. Rob 'hey guys'

@gittsy: jimmy suggested kiss R & T pretended to go in for one lol

@caclb: Surpising the screening across the st http://tweetphoto.com/27297211

@gittsy: Rest of cast on theatre stage

@KStewOnEllen: LMAO rob said all wolves are nuddered but the vamps are all there

@infektion: watching Kimmel out here.Kstew knocked Rob and Taylors head together when Kimmel asked for onscreen kiss

@PurpleBrina17: When Jimmy Ask then for a onscreen kiss, Kstew pushed Rob and Taylor's Head together! LMAOO #JimmyKimmel

@infektion: Rob talked about the wolves having no genetalia and that's why it's a PG-13 rating

@gittsy: Kimmel got the Jacob doll naked! Lmao

@caclb: #jimmykimmel just took the pants off the rob and Taylor's Barbies!

@infektion: Twicast at Kimmel http://twitpic.com/1wwfoq

@caclb: Bryce, peter, dakota, and xavier!! http://tweetphoto.com/27299137

@gittsy: Bryce talking about her dad asking rob for pic for himself & not telling her cuz she would take it. Lol

@gittsy: Xavier was attacked by raccoon. Was very aussie about it

@gittsy: They're all talking about playing the board game

@DianaMelR: Jimmy said bryce was the best victoria. Uhhhhh noooooo...

@DianaMelR: Bryce, (riley) peter, dakota, taylor, kris, & rob. http://tweetphoto.com/27299370

@gittsy: Rest of cullen clan http://tweetphoto.com/27300687

@PurpleBrina: So far we have seen a few clips of the movie! And a lot jokes with the cast about the dolls have no "boy parts" Jimmy said he keeps Jacob doll in his pants #jimmykimmel

@gittsy: Rob & Taylor seems so distracted.. Lol Taylor caught not paying attention

@DianaMelR: Omgggg jersey shore cast did a "what if they did have the original cast of twilight" omggg its pretty funny.

This is when twitter died. But they did see a new clip. Not Rob related. I believe. Can't find that missing tweet. Sigh twitter...

UPDATE: Rob also talked about his stoli shirt!

@KStewOnEllen they asked rob about the Stoli shirt and he said he lost it or a fan stole it, one or the other

@KStewOnEllen oooh! and you know all the rips on the Stoli shirt and the patches?! His mom tried fixing his shirt so that was her work :)

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