Monday, February 13, 2012

Georges In White, In Love, & In A Fight?.. Yes Please! + Christina Ricci Mentions Rob

UPDATE: Added Total Film's review and it's an okay one! - click to read :)


We are loving these (mostly) new stills - can't wait for the Bel Ami premiere in Berlin next Friday!

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We'd seen this one before, it's now in a bigger size.

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Not new, but now in HQ

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Christina Ricci mentioned Rob, while promoting Bel Ami on The Sunday Times:

She stopped short of offering her co-star, the much hyped R-Patz, any tips about the tricky transition to adult movies. "Oh, he doesn't need any help from me," she raises her eyebrows. "He's doing just fine."

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Thanks to BarnesGirl11 and bexdazzled for the scans/via/via/via


  1. I read the review, which you say is good, and it's very bad. Almost venomous and filled with contempt. It totally puts down Rob, Uma, the directors and the screenwriter. But then, I'm not sure you can trust a critic who makes spelling mistakes and uses such a ridiculous title. Still, it's really depressing to read. It almot killed my bel ami buzz.

  2. Three out of five stars is not very bad. Yes, there are critical parts to it, but when they say the film "showcases his ambitions if not his full abilities" at least they are giving Rob the benefit of the doubt. Which is a start. Hopefully we get better reviews when the film premieres in Berlin.