Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Twi-Wrap: Lionsgate Annoys Meyer, What Annoys Rob, The Voice Of The Twilight Books

UPDATE: Stephenie cleared up her position on Lionsgate comments.. plot thickens:

Hey all,
Just wanted to clear up a little rumor making the rounds. I have absolutely no issues with anyone at Lionsgate. Far from being a negative thing, it's actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book. So, thanks for the support, Lionsgate and Summit. I look forward to working for the first time with new friends at Lionsgate and working again with my old friends at Summit!



So many great Twilight bits to tell you about, that we're putting them all in this catch-up post. 

First off, Variety film editor Josh Dickey says Stephenie Meyer really didn't appreciate Lionsgate's comments about making more Twilight films:

As long as we’re on topic: Stephenie Meyer was deeply annoyed that LG brass said they’d do more TWILIGHT pics. She has no such intention. 

That puts that issue to rest. So what almost pisses off Rob when talking about the saga? we learned that answer in this new/old interview with Kristen, from the Breaking Dawn promo (at 8:45).

The Austrian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" gave a shoutout to Twilight. (Thanks Spunk Ransom).

Of course, it's no surprise the Breaking Dawn DVD is at the top of the charts in the U.S. - both on VOD and in DVD sales. (5 Million mark update). 

Bombay Bicycle Club recently spoke about their moment in the spotlight thanks to being chosen for the Breaking Dawn soundtrack. But it wasn't all that they imagined.

Seeing a decline in tourism, the city of Forks is considering a Twilight Museum and hosting Twilight weddings to attract visitors to the area. 

Our favorite story in the past week however, came when we read this interview with Twilight books narrator Ilyana Kadushin:

I think it was between the 2nd and 3rd audio book coming out that I started getting fan letters and they came from every country around the globe. Fans wrote from Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia, the Middle East, everywhere … it really blew my mind. I even received letters from soldiers in Afghanistan. I realized then just how widespread this series had become.

Soldiers in Afghanistan.. Godspeed.  


  1. Stephanie Meyers should get down on her knees and be thankful for earning millions of dollars for the screen rights. Sounds like some one got too much Diva in her!

    1. The rumours could give us this idea about her ("Diva"), but clearing up with her statement, we can't say anything negative! She spoke clearly about being thankful: "it's actually a very nice feeling to know that both Lionsgate and Summit would like to make another Twilight movie if I were ever to write another Twilight book."

  2. dear Anonymous at Feb 22, 2012 02:09 PM - its not "Stephanie Meyers" its Stephenie Meyer. and although i love the first twilight movie (and put up with the rest... ugh) i have never been a fan of stephenie. there is something very attitudey about her since forever. she is pretty bad at the entire PR game in general. i am very confident that the "next book" for twilight will never happen. they are all way too old now anyway for a movie. everything always ends eventually.

    1. Totally with you on Stephenie. She believes her own press. Some people should stay BTS, you know? And she's one of them, lol.