Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twi-Wrap: DVD Promo Brings Us Lots To Smile About :)

Best. Commercial. Ever. If you're a twihard..

Looks like fans came out in full force to the midnight release parties for Breaking Dawn Part 1 Friday. More than 3.2 million copies were sold over the weekend. And Lionsgate quickly thanked everyone for the support:

"The incredible fan support for the characters and story that author Stephenie Meyer has created never ceases to impress. We thank all of the fans for continuing their journey with us beyond the big screen and look forward to bringing you BREAKING DAWN Part 2 later this year."

And the DVD wasn't the only Breaking Dawn merchandise being promoted. Target placed a very timely soundtrack commercial during the Grammys.

We also got Christina Perri  singing A Thousand Years on Live with Kelly (video to come), and Casey LaBow admitting she's Team Edward. And if you hurry, you can still get a great deal on the Twilight eBook. 

Plus, reconfirmation that twitter loves Rob :)

Phew.. Is this the BEST Valentine's Day ever?? - can't wait till next year!

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