Tuesday, February 7, 2012

News Wrap: Bel Ami, Breaking Dawn, Unbound Captives

We know how valuable your time is, so whenever possible we try and do these compilation articles so you can catch up on everything Rob and his projects in just one post.

There are some Bel Ami items to update you about:

*For those of you who loved the official poster, it's now available in UHQ (click for full size).

image host 

*The Bel Ami soundtrack is now listed for a March 20th release. Find out more.  

*While tickets appear sold out for some of the film's screenings at the Berlin Film Festival, keep checking if you're headed that way because they seem to be releasing blocks of them. And yes, this is what joy looks like in your hand (not ours).

*"Charismatically repellent leading man?" - yes, that's Georges Duroy for you. The London Evening Standard seems to think Rob plays the character just right.  

Moving on to Breaking Dawn, if you are planning on going to Comic-Con, you may want to mark March 29th on your calendar. That is the day the reservation process for convention hotels begins, and it's a tricky one. So get informed.

Peter Facinelli was on the Today Show this week, and he made a cute Edward mention. Watch at about 1:35.

Finally a bit of Unbound Captives news: Director Madeleine Stowe briefly mentioned a 2013 production start for the film. 

Let's hope Rob can pull off playing his young character in 2013.  He might just look too old by then.. just ask Zimbio

And that's all for today, hopefully news picks up with the premiere of Bel Ami next week - and of course a new clip of Breaking Dawn Part 2 this Friday!

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