Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Look: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Title + Details On New Clip!

Summit released the art, as part of their Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD promotion. Not only will fans get to buy it this weekend, they'll also be treated to a new Part 2 clip. Target shared details on their FB page:

Want an exclusive preview of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2? Come to participating Target stores on February 10 to see Edward and Bella in their new home featuring Bella as a vampire for the first time! 

Don't know how we missed THAT scoop, but we're happy to pass it on now! - Catch up on what to expect if you're headed to either Target or Walmart Friday.  

By the way, Summit also has a handy guide if you just want to buy your copy online. You can also rent it on DirecTV, where you can see the first three films before Breaking Dawn's midnight release.

Can't wait!

Thanks for the tip @_oneheartbeat. :)

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