Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rob Introduces Us To His Guilty Pleasure

Or so we think so...

This is one of those interviews where you don't know whether to believe the details because of the source. However we'll go with it since it sounds like a continuation of what Rob told Vanity Fair. Plus it introduced us to a fun worthless game.

According to Digital Spy, when asked what he likes to do on his free time, Rob told OK magazine:

"I don't know. I'm incredibly boring! I try and watch films, but my concentration span now is so short."

"I'll watch 20 minutes of a film and then I'll play this game on my iPhone called 'Fall Down'. It's the most ridiculous thing. It involves absolutely no effort from your brain whatsoever, but I can literally sit there and play it for 16 hours."

16 hours?.. we just had to find out what this game is about. Below is a look at the i-Tunes app, but since we don't have an i-Phone we tried out the online version. We're hooked.

We're guessing Rob could have talked to OK when he did press for Water for Elephants in LA recently. Either way it's kind of a cool quote (we're hoping is true), and an addictive little game. If only there was one catering to fans..

'Super Twilight Bros' by Exena Designs

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