Monday, March 21, 2011

Rob Talks Alice Cooper's Cane Backstage At Leno

Rob also mentions getting used to the screaming fans again, and his apparently favorite snack now: beef jerky. (Stick around to see what Alice Cooper and Whitney Cummings say about him). Here's the rest of our coverage from his appearance on The Tonight Show.

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  1. I loved seeing Alice perform with Dweezil Zappa and was so pleased that Alice gave Rob his cane. How sweet was that. I hope Rob treasures it, you know your doing good when rock idols give you stuff, plus he got Jerky, he was a lucky guy on Leno that evening.

  2. You KNOW that was probably the best part of the night for him (cane).. how awesome indeed.

  3. I can proudly say that yes, I was one of the screaming fans that he was talking about at the taping of the Leno Show!! So much fun!! He is just so yummy!!