Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fans Catch Up With Rob & Kristen!

The Breaking Dawn cast is currently filming in Squamish BC, where these fans ran into them Tuesday night. Lucky, lucky, lucky!

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  1. Heh...aww poor Kristen, she's all hidden. Awesome pic though, I hope the encounter was pleasant =)

  2. I love how they "ran into them"... when in REALITY we all know they were most likely fangirl stalking him. Shocking.

  3. there's another pic of Kristen with a guy (her fans) so naturally those girl just want to take a pic with robert pattinson, and the guy with kristen. Did Kris and Rob really just watched Lil' Red Riding Hood? Watching their past director Catherine's movie

  4. Wish I was one of the fans who "run into" Robert Pattinson. I love him. He is very talented and he is FRIGGIN SEXY!!!