Saturday, March 5, 2011

WFE Wrap: Oh The Drama!.. US Premiere Still Up In The Air + The Latest

UPDATE (3/7): Per the Water for Elephants FB page, the premiere will be in New York, April 17th.

The second Water for Elephants trailer sure had everyone talking after it premiered exclusively on Amazon. We've linked you up to some reviews and the BEST introduction to the trailer, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Then we’ve got a new look at Water for Elephants, featuring the biggest and most majestic of all creatures: Robert Pattinson.

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After fans wondered whether the music on the new trailer was part of the soundtrack, director Francis Lawrence was quick to respond.

While we wait for the official answer, it seems TeamRileyAUS has already tracked it down. We did get an update on the film's soundtrack (which you can now pre-order on Amazon), from the folks who are working on it.

Sony logo?? let's look at that trailer again shall we. Not only that, but now we know what the film will be rated (love the snip tool).. which pretty much guarantees that the smexy scenes will be on the tame side. When does Bel Ami come out again?..

The international release schedule is also out. Canada don't worry, according to the official WFE Facebook page your release date is the same as the U.S.

Which brings us to what you REALLY want to know. What is all the dramz with the U.S. red carpet premiere?

Short version: director Francis Lawrence tweeted it would be on April 17th in New York. People made plans, booked overseas flights.. and then an update on the Mann Theaters site changed everything.

April 14th at Grauman's Chinese theater.. IN. L.A. When asked about it on Facebook, this is what Fox had to say about it.

Boo Summit.. BOO! ;)

Aaand.. cue the drama

Damage control 101

So guess we'll know when we know. Update from the Water for Elephants Facebook

Interesting to note that the Mann's Water for Elephants premiere date and LA location is not listed at their site anymore, likely at the request of the studio. However UK you can start making your camping plans. That red carpet premiere has been confirmed for May 3rd. Unless Summit comes after you too (jk).. and Rob is expected to attend!


There you go, all caught up!

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  1. Wow. I was bummed when I heard it was going to be in NY but now it maybe in LA, that's pretty awesome. I hope they do both cities though. That happens right? :)

  2. It does happen, but apparently not in this case per Fox (check out the cap that says that). Hopefully everything will be resolved soon.