Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hottest 'Water for Elephants' Trailer Yet & Film Is Ready For Release!

Just days after the release of the second Water for Elephants trailer and fans thinking the buzz couldn't get any louder.. it just did. The international trailer will. blow. your. mind.

Of course there's screencaps. You know the drill, these are our picks.. the rest of them at RPLife.

Director Francis Lawrence and Editor Alan E. Bell also confirmed they are officially done with the film!

Congratulations to Rob, and everyone in the cast and crew who's worked so hard to make sure Water for Elephants is a success. Count on us on opening day!


  1. Another beautiful trailer...Thank you so much for posting it, and putting up those also beautiful stills, but what are you trying to do to me having put up that 4th still...OMG!!!Dies!!! What is the movie going to do to me???Can't wait to find out. Love your site and appreciate your time given to Robert's fans, and especially your support of Robert...I will be the first in line, a few times;) I mean i just baught the tie in book to have as a novelty, not to read & i have a Twilight shirt with Rob on it, and on the back had put "Team Robert". So my support will certainly always be there, as i know your's will. Take Care!

  2. Beautiful and 100 percent better trailer than the US version. Thank goodness for YouTube or I would never have seen it. It all starts with a book that was so appealing and now into this movie that looks like it will blow us all away. I will be there on opening day to support what I am hoping is a very well received film.

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. Really appreciate them. Yvette