Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everyone Wants To Know What 'WFE' Is About!

Algonquin Books delivered the great news today, Water for Elephants is one hot read ahead of the film's release.

Entertainment Tonight is among the media outlets praising the novel's film adaptation, putting Water for Elephants on their Top 10 list of films to watch this spring.

With the buzz growing, it's not surprising to see the book featured in an iPad 2 commercial. (At about 2:20).

And it's not just fans showing up to watch the film..

Finally, Avon is holding an auction to benefit a great cause that helps victims of domestic abuse. The winner gets a chance to meet Reese Witherspoon and attend the Water for Elephants premiere in New York. All the info can be found on eBay.

One month to go!

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  1. I am sooooo excited to see this movie now! I just read WFE last weekend & loved it! I watched the International trailer for the movie last night. April 22nd can't come soon enough for me! :-)