Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rob Reteaming With David Slade For Daredevil?

(3/18) Rob debunked this rumor during his interview with MTV.

UPDATE 3/17: MTV promises to ask Rob about this rumor during their live interview tomorrow. So the answer is on the way!

It's only a rumor or "talk" for now, but what if..

And yes, with David Slade given the job, there’s "some kind of talk" about Robert Pattinson – who, with the "Twilight" series winding up, is going to be looking for a new well-paying gig – playing the part of Matt Murdock - which, I have to say, I don’t dislike the idea of.

Read the rest at Comic Universe and where the rumor started over at Moviehole. You may remember Ben Affleck brought the role of the blind superhero to life in 2003.

We kinda like this little rumor.. even if that's how it stays.


  1. As much as I admire Rob, I do not see him in this sort of role. He would have to get in prime physical shape and look like he could kick ass. I don't see it. I would like him to prove me wrong, however, I believe this is just a rumor. If it comes to pass, I am certain we will see Rob going to the gym just like Taylor when preparing for Jacob for New Moon, or Jake Gyllenhaul for Prince of Persia, etc. I can see him doing Cosmopolis because lets face it the man looks stunning in a suit and there is not much physical action other than between the sheets and seats. It will be intersting to see if this happens or if someone else is cast as Daredevil. I would place a bet in Vegas that it goes to someone else, I would gladly lose to see Rob in a skin tight outfit however.

  2. Daredevil? Rob Pattinson? hahahahahaha...Seriously you don't believe this...Rob will never ever again play a super hero part...Rob is to serious of an actor to do so in my opinion. He would be a laughing stock and it would kill his career...Look what happened to Ben Affleck...No, Rob has had all the playtime he can handle with Twilight...Yes Rob is a man now, and he will continue to grow as a serious actor.Rob's and Dakota Fanning's movies will be the ones who truly make it after Twilight is done.Well Taylor Lautner does show promise. This just has to be the silliest rumor since Rob being pregnant...Hahaha...Thanks for the laugh... :-)

  3. I don't see Rob working with David Slade ever again, to be honest. Taylor? yes Rob? No This rumor is laughable. Although, seeing the comic fanboys bitch and cry like babies over this rumor is fun:)

  4. Well, If Rob likes to be versatile he can play this part. It is one movie anyway and not a series plus the lead does not have to be super muscular, look at Ben Affleck.

    Johnny Depp has played all kinds of roles , you know, even becoming a lizard. hahahaha

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  6. Oops..guess spell-check would come in handy before hitting submit

    Like previous comments, I too do not see Rob agreeing to such a role. For one, he would again be placing a label on himself (and we all know how much he loves the undistinguished difference between himself and Edward) I'm going to love anything Rob graces his presence with; however, I'm hoping he opts-out of this rumored offer.