Saturday, August 25, 2012

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Hotness In Bigger Size

We now have this promo picture uncropped

Click for larger size


This poster is now in UHQ



  1. hi guys !! wanted to share my Rob n Twilight experience so i thot what better platform than here , as this place is visited by Rob lovers !
    Me n my husband were kind of travelling all over the world so the twilight mania just totally passed me by untill one day about a year ago ,i caught the first Twilight film on TV n was totally enamoured by the story n Edward , am a total sucker for romances . the actor playing Edward was captivating ,thot he was very young but had lot of acting potential .he had such a lovely soothing talking voice .specially loved his acting in the biology scene ,his voice when he introduced himself ,his hands the way he handled the microscope n then the last scene when he says "Carlisle , whats my other option" ,his eyes were wild n he looks totally other worldly he was totally mesmerizing
    there was this beautiful song playing in the background ...the singer had a strong ,lovely voice full of passion .so i googled twilight n discovered his name ROBERT PATTINSON n THE TWILIGHT saga also that the lovely song was sung by him wow !! saw his interviews on you tube n was completely hooked !!it was later that i read all the Twilight books n watched all his movies including Little Ashes , The haunted airman ,remember me ,water for elephants ,bel ami and of course the Twilight saga .loved them all .out of the Twilight movies as far as acting goes my favourite is the first one ,wish Catherine cud hv directed all of them ,she for me had that magical touch .Rob is trully amazing in all his movies outside twilight as an actor. when ever i am hving a bad day i sit n watch one of yr movies or watch yr interviews on you tube it never fails to put some positive energy in my life !!love u Rob ,may God bless u with happiness cause u bring me happiness n smiles whenever i watch yr movies n interviews .

    1. That is a great story, thank you for sharing with other fans. Glad it has such a positive impact in your life! - Best, Yvette

    2. I am glad I am not alone in this! What you are discribing,is just what happened whith me! I also didn't know the movies until I saw the first on tv, I loved his acting and later I began to follow interviews and I loved his charm and sense of humour! This is the first time in my life I admire a famous person so much! I am normally pretty down to earth but with him ... I hate the fact I will never meet him and get to talk with him, I think he is a very lovable and honest guy, while many moviestars are looking so fake, he is like the boy next door and yet so attractive!!
      Hope he may have a wonderfull and happy life!

    3. yeah i know what u mean ....he really brings me lot of joy n happiness wish him a very long glittering career so we can see more of him ! lol !!!!