Monday, August 20, 2012

'Cosmopolis' NYC Premiere: Interviews

Emily Hampshire, Sarah Gadon, and David Cronenberg mention Rob in this interview from the red carpet.

David Cronenberg and Emily Hampshire talk about Rob. (Thanks Joelle).

Rob has a message for fans when he talks to E! - CLICK TO WATCH

ET: Rob talks Cosmopolis, cast talks Rob. Watch on YouTube or below.

Rob mentions working with David Cronenberg, Cronenberg talks about Rob's intuition and instincts as an actor at :48, Sarah Gadon talks about working with Rob at 2:30

Reuters: Rob mentions his fans

Rob talks sex scenes with the Associated Press

Rob talks about New York and Cosmopolis 

starts at 0:43


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From  Access Hollywood

Extra TV: Rob mentions fans waiting in line for days

 Paul Giamatti's interview. He talks about Rob at 1:20

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