Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rob Featured On Cover Of Special EW Issue

Entertainment Weekly's Twilight: The Complete Journey will go on sale October 2nd, and now we have a first look at the cover.

A gorgeous all-access guide to the Twilight saga from the magazine whose writers and photographers covered the phenomenon before anyone else and better than anyone else. "The Twilight Journey" follows author Stephenie Meyer and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on their wild, five-year journey from the set of the first movie to the premiere of 2012's "Breaking Dawn, Part 2." With funny,
intimate, often shockingly frank interviews as well as set visits, trivia, book and movie guides, and dozens of now-iconic photographs. The book is not only a keepsake for fans to pore over but also a revealing
portrait of an unassuming first-time author and three very different young actors coping with a fame so sudden and overwhelming that it not only transformed their lives but Hollywood itself.
Includes five posters based on original EW covers.


  1. I wonder when that pictures was taken? You can see Rob's skiny cheeks.

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  3. how long is the bashing going to last. Go on with life and let whatever happened behind you. You can't change it so why the name calling. This has been going on ever since it happened. I love them both and hope things can be worked out but if not, i will be happy either way. I have seen lots of actors & Actress being on the News and Magazines but this one beats it all. Why is everyone so obsessed with all of this? It is like you all sleep and breath this thing that happened with Kristen and Rob. What who you can sluts because none of us are perfect. If you have never done nothing wrong then throw the first stone. I have no stones to throw.

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    1. Yes, you can :) - just copy and paste the link.