Friday, August 10, 2012

EW's Fall Movie Preview Features BD Part 2 On Cover

Update: The stills are now UHQ and Untagged

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UPDATE: (scans) read the complete interview.

The still from the cover

In the article, director Bill Condon has a favor to ask from fans. Read it at EW.

ET has a preview of the new stills inside the magazine (just mute the rumor part)


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  1. Is it photomontage by producing/EW?

  2. Through drama pap soap, Kristen is best actress to play out.
    Everyone is happy now that twilight series is going to end this November 16. Rob can go ahead with his date without Kristen.

  3. I think that Bill Condon said it best. We fans need to show some respect for Rob and Kristen. I am just disgusted by all the hate that is being spewed about Kristen. I have to say I am ashamed to be part of the fandom right now. I hope that it is only a small part of the fans that are doing this. Please show Rob and Kristen some respect and give them their privacy.

  4. Kristen met Michael when she was thirteen and Rob when she was seventeen. She has now had a chance to sow her wild oats and have fun as a teenager and now a young woman. Hopefully, she will realize that instead of begging Rob to come back, she needs to be on her own for awhile to see exactly what kind of life she really wants. As to the premiere of BD2, I don't think anything dramatic will happen. I loved the Twilight Saga and it will hold a special place in my heart forever, also Rob Pattinson will also.

  5. it is sad what has happened.But what with all the negative comments
    on Kristen if they should come back together?

    Rob wouldn't like that at all.Respect theire privacy please