Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Edward Looking Very Crushworthy In New Stills!

MTV has a fall movie preview that includes these gorgeous pics of Rob and the cast of Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Read what director Bill Condon shared about the film, including how long it will be!


  1. wow !! Rob is looking unbelievably gorgeous !! thnx for sharing !!

  2. What is it about him that makes him so adorable? There are so much handsome men and they even look better, and yet he rises above them. Is it his charm that makes him so attractive? I don't know, anyway, it works!
    Love everything about him!!!

  3. yeah its kind of strange even i wonder what it is about him ....i think its the whole package ...first its his unbelievable good looks ...his skin ,eyes, hands ...the dreamy smile and his face is very expressive ...like so many expressions keep passing over his face that one is riveted in case u miss any .
    now that is just the beginning ... he can express himself so well ...love the way he describes things kind of makes them interesting and funny...so one feels like listening to him .he has a terrific sense of humour .he can laugh at himself (but i feel this he shd stop doing becoz people dont understand it ).
    and i think he comes across as very passionate and sensitive and caring person , the way he holds things or touches his woman ( like in remember me he holds Emillie 's hair in the scene when she is sick )now no one can teach u that so it has to b his own trait.
    seems to b a great kisser and gives the warmest hug in the world ( watch on YOUTUBE 13 secs video where he hugs a fan titled " robert pattinson and me " ...mind u this 2008 vintage Rob )
    the biggest plus is his voice ...it just washes over u and one can never get enough of him speaking.
    he is so talented ...he can act ,sing ,play the piano and guitar ...just love his songs but "let me sign "is trully out of this world
    welll the list is kind of endless .
    he is just amazing !!!There has been no one like him in a long long time ....in fact if i think back i cant think of an actor who comes close ..yeah Paul Newman n Errol flynn !!!!!no wonder the female population is at a loss of understanding what has hit them lol !!!

  4. It is so good to see positive stuff said. I was getting so sick of all the media talk about the two which should have bee private but so good to come in here and seeing great positive things said. Let me remind you that Robert is mine! LOLOL

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  6. yeah thankfully !! he will b better off without her !!the only thing i liked about her was that Rob liked her !!!

  7. Let it take its own decisions,is that he has more understanding with her as the two love each other and are completely in love with each other,but the trust will not be the same thing, they will have to build everything again, even if they reopen the courtship.Because both very short and Iwant to see then happy...

    1. But I really liked her and yes she messed up. I really want them to work it out but if it don't then life will go on for them. (Not for me) lol. I agree Anonymous above me. lol I really hope they get back together. Everyone of us have no right to throw stones. I have no stones to throw.