Saturday, August 25, 2012

Designer Shares 'Cosmopolis' Opening & Closing Credits

Justin Stephenson created the art for the film, and he recently shared them on his Vimeo account.

Click on the images to see the moving sequences.





  1. wow so unique and artistic ...loved them .shows quality of the movie ...it surely is a work of art !!must watch movie folks !!

  2. cosmopolis shd hv been released all over right after the Ny promotion week...dont understand the strategy of a limited release for such a unique movie ..or the promotions shd hv continued as strongly for the second week as well ...wish Rob had a person looking into the marketing stragegy of his indie films as that makes all the difference ...the people handling the marketing in Nyc did a gr8 job ...hope the week preceding the bigger release was as well planned ...the audience who wud go for this movie wud hv found The jimmy kimmel interview a bit frivolous n that was all that was done during that week !!Cosmopolis is such a wonderful movie ...hope more n more people see it ... !!!