Saturday, August 11, 2012

'Cosmopolis' U.S. Promo Weeks Start Lining Up

The Cosmopolis premiere in New York City, kicks off a busy few weeks of promotion for Rob. So you won't miss a thing, here's the schedule so far:

** Monday: 

Rob is on The Daily Show - we were there last time, and Jon Stewart is a hoot!

Cosmopolis U.S. premiere at the Museum of Modern Art (screening at 7:30 pm)- no word on a live feed, but we'll keep you updated from the scene, and on the blog/twitter.

** Tuesday: 

Rob to ring opening bell on Wall Street -- 9:30 am

Cosmopolis press conference/junket - We'll be posting the latest updates from Rob's interviews/press conference as they come in.

** Wednesday:

Rob is on Good Morning America - look for updates from the scene and on the blog/twitter.

Q&A with the New York Times - no tweeting/pictures/video allowed, BUT you can watch it LIVE.

The Cosmopolis film fan site has a few more events listed with just David Cronenberg next week.


MTV First

From MTV:
Rob will premiere a new clip from his upcoming and buzzworthy film "Cosmopolis" on MTV at 7: 49 p.m. ET. Immediately following the on-air premiere, Pattinson will sit down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz for a 30-minute interview on MTV.com. Fans can join in on the fun by submitting questions beginning today through MTV.com or via Twitter using @ and the hash-tag #AskRob.

Friday: Cosmopolis opens in New York and Los Angeles.

Wednesday August 22nd

According to Late Night Show Lineups Rob will be on with Jimmy Kimmel August 22nd. - Request tickets LA!

Friday August 24th - Cosmopolis expands to select markets.

We'll keep updating this post if/as more info comes in. For show times, check your local listings. In the meantime, get ready for promo time - and go out and support Cosmopolis when it hits theaters August 17 LA/NY - Nationwide (select markets) August 24.


  1. Can you tell more about the premiere? I mean..what time and where? It would help!!

    Thank u

  2. The live stream details are now posted.

  3. Thank you for posting the schedule ! We appreciate what you do !!

  4. Why is this post dated Sat. 11th Aug. when it was posted today (Mon. 13th)? I check this site every day so I know it's just been posted.

  5. Is The Daily Show taping before the Premiere?

  6. Why is Cosmopolis just in select theaters? Why can't the movie play nationwide? Like Bel Ami, it was in select theaters and was not playing in one near me so I didn't get to see it on the big screen and more than likely, I won't get to see Cosmopolis on the big screen. Select theaters...so unfair for fans of Rob who have to settle for the dvd.