Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Producer Gives Update On 'Queen Of The Desert'

While production on Queen of the Desert seems to have hit a snag, today producer Cassian Elwes shared a quick update, and it looks like the film is still happening this year!

From what's been reported, it sounds like the production timeline for Rob will look something like this:

The Rover: In production through mid-March.

Mission: Blacklist: Slated to begin production in April.

Map to the Stars: Director David Cronenberg has said he would like to start filming in May. (Read update).

Hold on to Me: Rumored early 2013 production start, although nothing confirmed.

Queen of the Desert: September, according to this latest production update.

We'll stay on top of all the news concerning Rob's projects and pass it on to you.

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  1. I hope Rob doesn't get worn out from shooting movies so often! I don't want you guys to kill him!