Tuesday, February 19, 2013

More 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Behind The Scenes Goodness

So far we've brought you just snippets from behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 2. They were released ahead of its DVD release March 2. But now ET has the HQ extended version with LOTS more to smile about. Watch on YouTube or below.

A little bit of Rob in this clip shared by the Wall Street Journal, but mostly Mackenzie talking about getting the part of Renesmee. Super cute!

This is the scene where Bella finds out Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. Plenty of smiling Rob in the background! (Thanks Hulu!)

This clip released by MTV, is really cute. Read all about it and watch on YouTube or below.

USA Today brings us Rob and the babies in better quality (must watch). See it at their site or below.


Doesn't have Rob in it, but the cougar is awesome.

Kristen talks about Bella's stutter in this clip provided by CNN.

TLC shared a preview of the cottage and Renesmee's room.

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