Friday, December 7, 2012

Spend The Night With Robert Pattinson: Holiday Giveaway!

Yes, yes, we know he's taken, but that doesn't mean you can't spend the night with Rob. Entertainment One is counting down to the release of the Cosmopolis DVD and Blu-ray January 1st, by giving you the chance to do just that!

They've given us five prize packs to give away, and they include everything you need to have a cozy night with the man of your dreams ;)

Each winner will receive:

*Cosmopolis DVD

* Little Ashes DVD

*The Haunted Airman DVD 

And that's not all! - the prize pack also comes with:

*Cosmopolis poster (12x18) 

*The Haunted Airman poster (18x24)

Is this an awesome prize pack or what?!

Now to the rules. The contest is open only to U.S. residents. To enter, all you have to do is tell us what meal you'd prepare each individual character (Eric, Salvador, Toby) if they showed up for an intimate dinner at your house. Write your entry on the comments section below, and remember to leave an email or twitter handle so we can contact you if you win.

The most creative/funny/realistic answer wins the first prize pack! 

The contest closes Saturday, December 8th at 12:00 p.m. (PT), we'll announce the winner on Monday, December 10th. Good luck! 

 Pre-order your copy of Cosmopolis now.


  1. oh my lord if eric came to my house for dinner i would pepare him only the best of the best as hes a multi billionaire so it would be the finest champagne and a new yorker luxuary pizza as the story is based in new york with all the toppings including the hottest chillies because hes sizzeling! for salvador it would be (pot au feu) which is beef stew with mixed vegetables in french a nice french dish to make him feel at home! and for toby it would have to be something special to put his mad mind at ease a nice homemade welsh soup with crusty bread and butter.perfecto!!!

    1. Your answer is good, put a way for them to contact you...either FB or twitter so u can win! I'm obsessed with Robert pattinson ...but who is Eric, Salvator, and Toby? Should I know this ? Lol

    2. Thanks :)) twitter ~@loufinno

  2. For Eric I would make a steak dinner with garlic mash and New York cheesecake for dessert. For Salvador it would be Rice and Beans with pulled pork and tostones. And for Toby a homemade rice, shrimp soup with a french baguette. Twitter @Laty543

  3. For my dinner with Eric we would have a southern meal for a change from his New York lifestyle. I'd prepare fried chicken, green beans, and buttery biscuits. Our drink would be super sugary cherry kool-aid.
    Salvador and I would enjoy typical American food like chilli dogs, fries, and onion rings, as I'd want him to try something he's probably never had. If he was still hungry, we'd order takeout from a Caribbean restaurant because with his eccentric personality I think he'd be open to many flavors.
    For Toby, I would make a healthy meal, as he needs some care after being in that creepy house. I'd make whole grain pasta, a side salad and fruit bowl with blackberry yogurt, washed down with green tea to calm his nerves.

    twitter: @Mandy_Curtis

  4. For eric parker I would give him a simple dinner like tacos to let him have a night of just plain fun without the pressure of being a billionare along with beer. For salvador, I would give him an epic dinner filled with only fun stuff like ice cream, pizza, and sundaes......all the kinds of food you would have at a sleepover. For toby I would give him a dinner that he had in his childhood like if he had a great memory with his family while eating pasta and candy for dessert. I would serve him that to remind him that there are still good memories that he has and not only the memories from the war.
    Email: sbustria@aol.com

  5. Ohhh.....this sounds like fun! I've been thinking about this for a while and hope I'm not too late to enter.

    Well, since Mr. Packer is a man of means and money, only the best would do for him! Plus, lets face it, he is kind of over the top kind of man, isn't he (seriously, did you check out the limo!?!?)? So, for Eric, I'd cook up an appetizer of dates wrapped in bacon with goat cheese, and a Waldorf salad. The main course would include butternut squash, rabbit in a chili paste sauce (unexpected, kind of like Mr. packer himself), roasted asparagus and Brussels sprouts in a truffle oil. There would be no desert because he doesn't seem to be the desert kind of guy. Dinner would be served with a red wine and mixed drinks after wards.

    For Salvador I would make, as an appetizer, a spread of various cheeses and olives as well as as mini tapas. For dinner we would dine on a stuffed red and green peppers filled with saffron flavored rice. I would also include chirzo in the rice and make a spicy tomato sauce over it. For dessert we would eat chocolates and lemon gelato.

    Toby would have the easiest and simplest flavor pallet I believe. I don't think he'd want an appetizer of any kind. I think he'd want to go right to the main course. For him a nice home cooked meal such as Shepard's pie with Pillsbury biscuits the side and a nice tossed salad. For dessert I would make cookies (oatmeal raisin chocolate chip)and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting on them and to keep things simple.

    This was the most unique contest yet and it was fun!


    1. I forgot to include my twitter name! My twitter name is: @limalis1980

  6. What would I cook for dinner for Eric, well, that is a great question! I think that he might prefer something casual and homemade. I imagine he eats most meals in some of the swankier NY restaurants. So how about steak sandwiches with provolone melted on top, a side order steak fries and a cold beer. For dessert, I think some rocky road ice cream with marshmallow topping. As for Salvador, well, he might enjoy some good old fashioned American fare. I am thinking a big, fat greasy hamburger, loaded baked potato, a large Dr Pepper and a slice of apple pie a la mode for desset. Finally, what to cook for Toby. That boy needs a Jewish momma to take care of him. How about a nice bowl of matzah ball soup, fried chicken, corn on the cobb and cole slaw. For dessert, a nice fudge brownie with ice cream and hot fudge sauce. I think I would stay away from the booze for this one, maybe a sweet tea. My email is lession1@comcast.net (It might really be fun to cook for Rob)

  7. Congratulations to Mandy Curtis! - our winner of the 1st prize pack.

    All your entries were really great, thanks for entering everyone.

    We have four more chances to win.

    Details later this week!

    Yvette x


  8. “i want to eat lunch. you want to eat lunch. we're people in the world. we need to eat and talk." Eric Packer - Eric likes to eat as much as he likes sex. If he's not having sex or talking about sex, he's eating. So.. I would have to prepare him something exotic, a little erotic. :) Lights low, soft music, champagne, start with a few finger foods, like olives, shrimp cocktail. Then a main course of baked curry chicken we pull off the bones with asparagus and for dessert- chocolate fondue with fruit.

    Salvador, is a bit complex. He's a bit insane yet strangely compelling and appealing. So we would have grilled Chorizo and Patatas Bravas (Fried Potatoes in Spicy Sauce) - so I used google... :)

    Toby... He is so depressed and lonely and confused. He could use some down home warm cooking. Get him out of Britain and to the states. Whip him up a big pot of Beef Stew with Dumplings and Chocolate cake with loads of chocolate icing for desert. The man needs some comfort.

    Thats my ideas. Hope I am not too late. :)

    My twitter is @jarielynn.