Saturday, December 1, 2012

Guitar Signed & Played By Rob Part Of Benefit Auction

UPDATE 12/1: The guitar sold today for $1,280. Congratulations to the very lucky buyer.

Here's your chance ladies!

@SheMarrs gave us the heads up on a must-have item to bid on for a good cause, the Dio Cancer Fund:

Per the LA Times:

The auction also includes a custom hand-carved Ronnie James Dio memorial guitar made by DBZ Guitars and an acoustic-electric guitar signed by “Twilight” film series star Robert Pattinson.

Sheila (SheMarrs) tells us the guitar is not just signed by Rob, but it's also been played by him. Learn more about the auction and how you can place your bid at the LA Times. We'll have more on it, in the coming weeks.

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