Monday, December 3, 2012

More From 'BD2' LA Press Junket; They Keep Comin'!

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Patrick Stoner

Ticket (El Salvador)

More from Alicia Malone



Rob's shout out to the troops


Q: After a successful 4 years. I imagine your life has changed. How do you feel?
Rob: I feel kind of the same. It's rare to think we're done because we filmed all 5 movies in a period of 2 years. So it felt like we filmed a very long movie.

Global Montreal - watch at their site or below (at 3:30ish)

CTV (Canada)

Terra (Movies w/Maria)

MuchMusic watch at their site or below.

CNN Mexico

Rob is asked questions from fans and talks Dior! - interview is dubbed. We are translating now. (via)

THR - watch at their site or below.

IMDb - watch on their site or below.

Our Tiempo (poor Rob is so tired, see his reax) - rest of the cast interviews

Telemundo (his favorite Spanish word is perfect)

The tattoo Rob is considering getting (we're scared)  - read his interview with Reuters.

Los 40 Principales  (watch at source or below).

CBS San Francisco - watch at the source or below.

More from Yahoo Movies

KSTP - watch on YouTube or below.

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