Tuesday, June 12, 2012

More From 'Cosmopolis' Promo: Q&A & Interviews

Check out our latest wrap! (latest interviews at the top).

Film Beat TV - Rob tries to explain Cosmopolis to the interviewer, talks being a "massive fan" of David Cronenberg. (Includes some new behind the scenes). Watch at the source or below.

Rob sips his drink.. we die. But seriously this is a great intimate interview from Cannes.

Yahoo UK: (entire interview now in) Rob talks about his party trick ;) and how he "avoids confrontation at all costs" -WATCH NOW or on YouTube below.

David Cronenberg talks Rob with Total Film (interview with Rob below)

Empire Online: Rob talks about David Cronenberg's sense of humor, how terrified he was to play Eric Packer.

LoveFilm: Rob doesn't understand anything ;)

Total Film: (First part here) - Rob talks about future plans (he wants to keep busy), why he's choosing to do indies over big productions and much more! - Read it all.

Hey U Guys: Rob talks Twilight fans and Map To The Stars (quotes seem familiar, but there is some new stuff in there). Read it now.

MSN: Rob mentions how strange it is that Twilight fans are showing up to see Cosmopolis - watch at the source or on YouTube below.

Yahoo UK (Full interview at the top): Rob tells us what he considers the worst delivery (of a line) in the whole movie (Cosmopolis). Watch on YouTube or below.

BBCRead the transcript and watch below. Rob talks about the poetry within Cosmopolis, defends Twilight fans and more!

Cinebox: Rob hopes Twilight fans will like Cosmopolis. We posted a bit of this interview, and now the longer version is in (coverage at 4:15 - Rob starting at 5:30) - Click on the image to watch or watch on vimeo.

Pathe: David Cronenberg talks about Rob's reaction after learning he wanted him for the role of Eric Packer: "Surprised and happy that I was interested in him" 

More from Cannes: Rob talks to ET about his favorite comedians. He also mentions critics (it's a longer version of the interview below this one). Read the article and watch below or on YouTube.  And don't miss the rest of the interviews from Cannes!

Scoop with Raya - watch at the source at about 9:00 or below.

En Mode Gossip: watch at the source (at about 40:00) or YouTube below via

Rob is here and we have a very specific question to ask him.
Are you and kristen Stewart dating? Is it official?
Rob: I only answer questions about movies 'cause I'm not an idiot.

The vampire is stubborn, or should I say the businessman with sharp teeth since it's the role he plays in Cronenberg's new movie. A role that's compleltely different from the one in Twilight.
Rob: It's a different audience, a different everything. But, I mean, I like to try to, in every movie between Twilight to try to change everything I can and this one seems to be connected in some way. Cool. Thanks a lot.

Paris Q&A

Rob's Interview with 50 Minutes Inside (watch at the source or below)

Translation via

Rob: (about his fans) They're great, I mean people are always so enthusiastic, it's been 5 years.

50MI: Here people say Robert with an accent, do you find that sexy to be called Robert?
Rob: Yeah, definitely.

50MI: Thank you, Robert!

Catch up on everything else from Paris!

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