Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cosmopolis Promo: Full Portugal Press Conference & More

If you missed the Cosmopolis promo stop in Portugal, make sure you catch up in our master posts 1/2/3

Full press conference 

More from Protugal promo - David Cronenberg talks about Rob at about :40.

Photocall video

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  1. I was in CCB for Cosmopolis première in Lisbon. But got a bit sad ´cause Rod, Cronenberg and DeLillo got to the theatre one hour late! So they had to rush (because they were going to another theatre) and therefore they stood only for a few minutes. And they stood in a corner (close to the way out actually!) in the back of the stage, so regardless the fact that I was in the 1st row I could hardly see Rob´s face :(. And with everybody screeming I could hardly understand him as well. lol So, a bit disappointing but enough to conclude: 1st: He does exist! :) 2nd: He´s kind of shy. 3rd: He is soooo lovely!!! (About Cosmopolis: once you get use to it you cannot let it go till the end. Loved it! But I am afraid a lot of people will not because it´s so “different” and metaphoric. Wish them the best of luck!)