Monday, June 25, 2012

Lost in Translation: New Pic & Interview From Berlin

Read the rough translation by Google ( we don't think it's really accurate, so be warned).

In 'Twilight' - where he played a vampire teen star, Robert Pattinson (26) now plays in 'Cosmopolis' (starting July 5th in theaters) a sex-obsessed Yuppie.

B: Have you ever been poor?

Rob: Oh, yes. Before I filmed 'Twilight' I've been poor. If you're young it doesn't really matter.

B: And now?

Rob: It's crazy, even though I now have much money, I live the same life as before. Nevertheless, it cost me a lot of coal. It's damn expensive to be normal.

B: Why?

Rob: Before, I set off with 25€ and it was enough for the whole night in the club. Today I give loosely 12,000 in one night! And I can not just go shopping. I have to pay people for the do it for me ...



  1. Pretty accurate translation... They met him in Berlin and not allowed to ask him stuff about love or sex so they decided to ask him about money instead.

  2. He chuckles like a young boy when asked about love or sex