Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Giggly Rob In New Cosmopolis Still, Cronenberg Talks Twi-hards

David Cronenberg spoke with Time Out London while promoting Cosmopolis, and mentioned Rob's fans and more:

Does casting a star like Robert Pattinson have any significance for you, beyond the fact that he’s right for the role?

‘No. It’s similar to when I cast Viggo [Mortensen, in ‘Eastern Promises’]. It’s important for the financing. If Rob hadn’t been famous from “Twilight”, I couldn’t have had him in the movie. But for me creatively that means nothing. Once you’re on the set, it’s just you guys. There’s no-one else there. It’s as if he never made another movie and I never made another movie.’

Do you like the idea that Twi-hards might have their horizons widened by ‘Cosmopolis’?

‘I do. A lot of girls who are fans of Rob’s have created “Cosmopolis” websites, and some of them are really elaborate and beautiful. And they’re reading the book and talking about it. They know it isn’t “Twilight” and they’re still excited. We had some girls standing outside at 3am while we were shooting. They’d made a T-shirt that said “Nancy Babich” and had a pistol on it [a reference to Pattinson’s bodyguard]. So I happily wore that for them! Undoubtedly there will be some Rob fans who’ve never heard of Don DeLillo, or me, who will see this movie. It’s not the cake, but it’s the icing on it.’
He also mentions why it was important to make Eric at least a little likeable - read the rest.
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