Friday, June 1, 2012

Second London Cosmopolis Q&A: Curzon Theater

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Part of the transcript of the Q&A is in - you can read it at Red Carpet News TV, and don't miss their GREAT pics from the event!

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@CurzonCinemas: Pattinson didn't necessarily try to move away from Twilight by taking on roles in Cosmopolis or Bel Ami.
@CurzonCinemas: Cosmopolis simply felt really really new to him.
@CurzonCinemas: "David is an adjective" (Pattinson on getting to work with Cronenberg)
@CurzonCinemas: Cosmopolis was a project that was hard for Pattinson to say no to, despite the scale of his role.
@CurzonCinemas: "It's tactile, it's physical... and gradually you find the right way to shoot the movie" Cronenberg on being spontaneous with cinematography
@CurzonCinemas: "It's organic and it comes from the material itself", Cronenberg continues on how his films come together
@CurzonCinemas: Cronenberg going into detail about the fine art references (Jackson Pollock and Rothko) in Cosmopolis
@CurzonCinemas: Hollywood gives an instant high - Cronenberg loves more complex films you can let wash over you and absorb various things from.
@picadorbooks: Cronenburg: the movies that interest me are those that are not immediately consumable
@CurzonCinemas: Cronenberg would love to see Pattinson and Mortensen in a film together - "would be sensational"
@picadorbooks: DC: Rob and I had a pretty good time ... I get the feeling we're not finished ... I'd love to work with Rob again and I think we will
@picadorbooks: Robert Pattinson: I really like the idea of people being frightened of me
@CurzonCinemas: "I don't like repeating myself" - Pattinson on choosing film roles
@CurzonCinemas: A lot of the horror scripts Cronenberg gets offered these says seem like either rip-offs or remakes of his previous films.
@CurzonCinemas: "I don't think I'd been more afraid in my career" - Pattinson on the first screen test in the limo; felt like throwing up
@picadorbooks: Rob Pattinson: I don't think I've ever been so afraid in my whole career as the first time I sat in the limo
@CurzonCinemas: "None of it's awkward if you think it's going to be good afterwards" - Pattinson on filming some of the scenes in Cosmopolis
@CurzonCinemas: "And I've done more awkward things in my real life" - Pattinson

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