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The 'Cosmopolis' Promo Interviews Keep Coming!

Check out the latest wrap before this one, for anything you might have missed recently. We'll update this one as we go along.

W Radio (Cannes) - Rob talks fans, serial killers, and much more

New Interview from the Berlin Press Junket (dubbed)

Watch at the source or below on YouTube

Extra footage from The Culture Show - watch at the source or below. The actual show a few videos down.

Star Extreme: Rob talks about how the film has divided the critics & more.

Rob on The Culture Show (interview done inside a limo #cute)

Novam: David Cronenberg talks Rob: "He's a very down to earth person, very sweet, no bullshit"

ZDF - watch at the source (at about 1:45) or below. Rob talks about how he "humanized" Eric and more.

Malone's Movie Minute: Rob talks about how SUPER nervous he was at Cannes. 

Rob talks to Kermode & Mayo (UK) - listen on the BBC or below. Pictures are from that taping (via)

Rob talks to Metro UK about Breaking Dawn Part 2 calling it "funny and completely insane" - he also mentions his role in The Rover: "It’s like, crazily violent" - Interview is a MUST READ.

More from GQ: Rob reveals the worst pick up line he's ever heard and more! - read it now.

Film 4 - watch below or at the source.

David talks about casting Rob with Francine Stock from 'The Film Programme' at 3:50

David talks about Rob in Cosmopolis with France Inter at 11:20 and 28:58

11:12 to 12:55Is it true, David Cronenberg, that during the shooting of Cosmopolis, you were saying to Robert Pattinson - who's the lead: "If you understand anything to what we're doing, we're lost."

David: I did say that, I said, because he said: 'I have no idea what I'm doing with this movie and what this character is.' And I said: "But you are doing everything perfectly correct." And therefore, it would be boring and it would lack spontaneity , it would lack inventiveness, if you knew before you made the film everything you need to do in the film. Also, I've said many times that you make the film to understand why you wanted to make the film. You don't even know why you wanna do this film. And I was explaining to him, because he's a young actor and he did not have the experience, that they are many ways to understand something. It's not always a sort of logical intellectual way of understanding. It's more intuitive, it's visceral. And he has wonderful intiution and mainly when I said that, I was really saying to him: "Trust your intuition, you really have wonderful acting intuitions, you must trust them."

28:24 to 28:58 David: Both DeLillo and Burroughs have wonderful, very funny, very strange, very bizarre dilaogue, and wonderful to hear actors speak. So I'm sure I have absorbed Burroughs from a very early age. The rythym of their speech is very american, I'm Canadian and so when I hear american speech from DeLillo, from Burroughs it's foreign to me, it's foreign dialogue. Canadians don't speak that way. So just as Robert Pattinson, who is English, has to do an American accent when he is in the movie, I too as a writer and a director, I am actually doing an american accent.

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GQ: Rob talks about those "f***ing toothpicks" he's been chewing, the channel he could watch all day, his worst haircut and much more! - Read it now!

Rob tells Total Film why he's such a huge fan of David Cronenberg. Click on the image to watch.

David Cronenberg talks about Rob with the BBC:

What made Cronenberg choose Pattinson as his leading man? "This character is in every scene in the movie which is quite unusual for a movie with a big star," he says.

"That means he must have charisma, and that he is constantly revealing different tones and shades - and Rob has that.

"Finally, he has to be good with dialogue because this is wall-to-wall dialogue, some of it quite technical, which can be very intimidating for an actor. Once I convinced him he was the guy, he had no problem with it."

Read the complete interview.

The Guardian - watch at the source or below.

ZDF - Watch below.

Partial translation via

Rob: it’s nice to see the fans are still excited 5 years after the first twilight movie, even though I was just here two months ago and they’re still excited so it’s good.

Rob: (about Kristen’s performance in OTR) “yeah, no she’s doing amazing in Snow White as well” …. (would he like to work with Kristen again) “I mean I’d love to, yeah. I mean I don’t know soon, it’s like..but uh, yeah I think she’s great.”

Rob: ‘I love Berlin, I came here on holiday as a kid. They were the best. I’d love to actually be here for some time’

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