Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cosmopolis Toronto: Interviews & Videos Part 3

Don't miss Part 1/ Part 2 - plenty of great stuff there as well.

The Movie Network: Rob talks about the Cosmopolis script and more.

Sucré Salé (Quebec) - Rob talks about his romantic scene with Juliette Binoche, why he was scared to take on the role of Eric Packer.

CTV:  Read Rob's interview and watch below.

Richard Crouse (audio) - Rob talks about working on Remember Me, Cosmopolis, and how the reaction from journalists was completely different. He also talks about how he connects with his projects.

The Star - Rob says he can tell if people are enjoying his movies by their coughing:

“I was just listening for every cough: Please don’t cough! Please don’t cough!”

 Read the rest.

David Cronenberg talked to CBC Radio and mentioned Rob (including getting separation anxiety) - read all about it at Cosmopolis Film.

Now magazine (Toronto) - Rob says he was ready to take a break from acting when Cosmopolis came around:

“I was fully intending on hiding for a couple of years,” Pattinson says. “I only wanted to do small parts. The time is gone – for me, especially – when you could learn on the job. I mean, even the idea of going to a repertory company or something – everybody’s going to be filming it on their phone, and it’s exactly the same thing in movies pretty much. So I wanted to try to do small parts in movies I thought I could learn something from. But then this came up.”

Read the rest.

Post Media News: Rob talks about the excitement of working with David Cronenberg in the film:

“It’s crazy to feel the danger of doing something like Cosmopolis, but it was also exciting once I started doing it.”

Read the rest.

Cineplex - read more and watch below or on YouTube.

David Cronenberg confirms U.S. promo  in this new interview, plus much more from Rob:

With big movies, it’s usually six or seven countries,” Pattinson says. “But this is way harder getting people to see. For smaller films, they just say, ‘Oh, just New York and London’ or ‘New York and L.A.’ I don’t really understand it.”

“We have the U.S. to come,” Cronenberg reminds him. “I’ve heard both July and August from the U.S. We will be doing New York and L.A.”

MTV Canada: Rob talks about not knowing what Kristen did on stage for the Best Kiss win, but the funny quote comes from David Cronenberg.

Tribute - Was Rob freaked out about doing Cosmopolis? - he answers that and more.

Paul Giamatti talks about Rob at about 3:15

Entire Toronto press conference 

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