Thursday, June 21, 2012

Woody Allen Finds Rob "Charming and Amusing"

Hollywood Life caught up with director Woody Allen at the premiere of his latest film To Rome with Love, and asked if he'd ever work with Rob:

“I wouldn’t hesitate [to work with Rob],” Woody tells HollywoodLife.com. “I think he’s a wonderful actor. I’ve seen him act and interviewed on television. I find him charming and amusing and if I ever had anything he was right for I wouldn’t hesistate for a second!”

What kind of role do you see Rob playing in one of Allen's films? - we would love to see him bring his funny side. C'mon Rob, we know you have it ;)


  1. Guess we can only pray ... But I think a Woody/Rob movie would only make Rob more famous/in the limelight.

  2. Woah...that's some pretty heavy accolades, our boy...pardon, our MAN is getting. Yes, Woody is a creeper! Married his adopted daughter for fucks sake, BUT, like Croninberg, he is one of Hollywood's most genius filmmakers. I'd love to see Rob in a a Woody Allen film, as well as Tarentino.