Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sarah Gadon On Rob: "He's good at a lot of things!"

Sarah talked to MSN while promoting Cosmopolis in Toronto:

"Um, what is Rob really good at?" She chuckles. "He's good at a lot of things! I think he was really great as Eric Packer. And I think that was one thing that kind of surprised me, because I didn't really know him very well. And in real life he's very kind of... I mean, you heard him in the press conference: he's British and he's self-deprecating and he's much more self-conscious [than his character].

"And then all of a sudden he put on his suit, and this American accent would come out, and he would be so sure of himself and so powerful! And direct! And it was amazing to me to see that transformation of going from himself into Eric Packer. And I think that there's few, few guys right now in the industry who can pull off that kind of powerful masculinity at such a young age."

Read the rest (and there's much more) at MSN.

Sarah also talked to Monsters and Critics about her Cosmopolis experience, and working with David Cronenberg and Rob:

Rob and I had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the movie and he wanted us to sit side by side. He asked us to sit outward until the end of the scene when we face each other. Things like that that change your performance. He likes to play like he’s laid back! 

Much more on Monsters and Critics.


  1. Awesome comment by Sarah Gadon,He has what it take's to be the best the world has ever seen!

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